About Us

About Us

Jobs' World is the concern of World Academy. We aim to connecting employers and job seekers by taking the full advantage of revolutionized platform that is effective and accessible. As a result of these initiative have saved time, wider reach and increases the chances of finding the right job. Besides our algorithms for matching jobs and job seekers, we also have competency assessment for particular function/level through with the employers will be confident that they are getting the best match for the position offered.

How It Works?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can customize your Job alert, also save jobs as favorite and save company as well.

Yes, you can.

On the top right you will need to click on your name, and dropdown menu will suggest “Change Password”.

Once you have set the profile, you can then go to edit profile to update it. 

On the top right you will need to click on your name, and dropdown menu will suggest “Edit Profile”. You can only do this after you have set and given the exam for the job position you are interested in. 

Yes. There is an assessment where you need to give an exam, to prove that you are capable to understand the minimal requirement for the job position. 

After you have updated all the necessary information of your profile, you need to go to “Profile” tab on top and select which functional area you want to select and also mention the level of the entry position.

As a candidate or employer, you first need to complete the registration. After log in you can update all your information by clicking on “Edit Profile”.